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We invite you to submit an application for Vantage Professional Network membership while your seat is available.

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Click to download & fill in a membership application: VPN Membership (PDF)

NOTE: This is NOT an online application.

Please see the steps below.

Complete every field on the document and save the document to your computer.

Once it is completed. Email the pdf to the membership committee. You can also print out the document and bring it to the meeting if preferred.

Our treasurer will be in contact with you regarding a method of payment for your membership. They will reach out to you prior to or at the next meeting.

Application Process & Fees:

Application Fee: $0

Membership Fees: $200 for a one-year membership

Membership Approval Process:

Your application will be reviewed by the Chapter’s Membership Committee, and you will be notified of your acceptance. Submitting a payment method for your membership does not imply acceptance to VPN.